Go Getters



Chris Tarrant (1989)

Dave Lee Travis (1991-93)

Loyd Grossman (1996)


Yorkshire Television for ITV, 28 July 1989 to 25 July 1996 (20 episodes in 4 series)


Kiddies show in the Challenge Anneka stylee.

Three teams of three kiddy celebs (quite good ones, whom the adults might actually have heard of: Craig Charles, Bruno Brookes, Cheggers, Michaela Strachan, Janice Long, Liz Kershaw, Andy Crane) went around the country in vans.

Each day for about a week, each van of celebs went to a different town and had a day to solve three fanciful and faintly impossible challenges, such as "have a photo of the team taken six feet underwater".

A narrator/host type would give a running commentary of what they got up to and award marks out of ten. All three teams perform their third task each day in the same town in a sort of convoluted race, after which whoever was hosting that series awards marks out of ten on a whim.

Nicely produced and rather engaging, but ultimately inconsequential.

Key moments

One of the vehicles would always break down.


The first event was sponsored by Anchor Butter and subtitled "The Anchor Challenge".

A series intended for autumn 1994 was delayed due to celebrity particpant Craig Charles going through the courts on a charge of rape and his later acquittal. It was eventually shown in regional slots during summer 1996 by Granada, HTV West, Anglia, Meridian, and Yorkshire.


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