Mark Watson



BBC New Comedy Award

Fighting Talk (frequent panellist)

Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson

Kitchen Burnout (participant)

The Mad Bad Ad Show (team captain)

Mark Watson Kicks Off

Taskmaster (participant)

We Need Answers


Bristol-born stand-up comedian known for innovative stage shows such as his 24-hour stand-up marathons and a show in which he and his audience collaborated on writing a novel. He's also written several novels of his own (as well as a non-fiction book on environmental issues) and appeared on just about every panel show going.


The other thing he's famous for is (not) having a Welsh accent. When he started doing stand-up, he adopted a Welsh accent as part of his stage persona, and he kept it up for a good few years, eventually dropping it around the time of We Need Answers - by which time most people had worked out it wasn't his real accent anyway.

Books / Tapes

Bullet Points (paperback)

A Light Hearted Look at Murder (paperback)

Eleven (paperback)

Crap at the Environment (paperback)

Web links

Official site


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