Richard Bacon (non-broadcast pilot)

Andy Goldstein


Redd Pepper as "Voiceover Man"


Celador for Sky Movies/Sky One, November to ? 2006


This format has been doing the rounds for donkeys' years (well, since 2002 anyway) but still - it wasn't worth the wait.

Andy Goldstein pours his talent down the drain as he trawls through unamusing comedy skits with an unseen movie voice artist, introduces three guests from the world of comedy, then inflicts on them rounds of unimaginable unoriginality (what happens next, spot the movie error) plus there's homemade remake shenannigans in the style of Mission Improbable (e.g. nightclub bouncers reenacting Brief Encounter).

There's no scoring system, no team captains, and indeed not enough jokes, laughs or questions - not even one per guest each round. There's many distractions to fit in - including the top 10 films of the week - that the format is, at best, rather slack. As a result, the guests are rather wasted with hardly anything for them to do.

While the idea may have been to put together an easy-going, laid-back weekend show loosely about movies might have been a good idea, to bill it as a comedy panel game and even give the "winning" panellist an award (a gold bucket of popcorn) when they've hardly even done anything is a bit of a dog's breakfast.

An Alan Smithee production, we feel.

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Andy Walmsley's set design for the pilot edition


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