The Parlour Game



David Ismay


Team captains: Alfred Marks and Liza Goddard


TVS for ITV, 4 April 1985 to 1988


Two teams of three celebrities compete in a number of parlour games. A bit like Gibberish.

One game that would feature regularly on this show was "I packed my bag". The first player would say: "I packed my bag, and in it I put [for example] a clock." Then the second player would say: "I packed my bag, and in it I put a clock and [for example] a paperclip." This would continue, with the players having to remember everything that had been put in the bag in the right order. If they got it wrong, they were out of the round. Alfred Marks was fond of putting things such as leopards in his bag, apparently.


Gyles Brandreth

Theme music

John Hawkins


An episode from the first series.


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