Loose Ends



Tim Brooke-Taylor


Team captains: Christopher Hughes and John Junkin


BBC Pebble Mill for BBC1, 8 January to 9 April 1985 (12 episodes in 1 series)


First, to clear up an obvious point of confusion, this has nothing to do with the long-running BBC Radio 4 entertainment magazine format hosted by Ned Sherrin and, later, Clive Anderson.

So, if it's not that, what actually is it? The Radio Times describes this as "a game to test the wits of the wittiest and the general knowledge of the generally knowledgeable", whatever that means. It happened between two teams of three celebrities, with John Junkin and Egghead-to-be Christopher Hughes helming the teams.


Based on an idea by the Round Britain Quiz legend Irene Thomas.


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