The Name's the Game



Roger Kitter


Team captains: Barry Cryer and Duggie Brown


BBC Radio 2, 20 September 1982 to 3 January 1992


Panel game based on the biographies of the great and the good. Captains Barry Cryer and Duggie Brown were each joined by a celebrity guest, chosen from a stellar cast including Bernie Clifton, John Junkin, Jeremy Beadle and Jeffrey Holland (the tall one off of Hi-de-Hi).

In the first round, each contestant was given a biography to read laden with clues as to the identity of the person. Roger Kitter would give only two further clues to the person being described - whether they were male or female, and whether they were alive, dead or fictional. At anytime during the reading of the biography the other team can buzz in and guess. The more of the biography the team needed to get the answer, the fewer points they scored.

The second round, Singing Voices, was musical (you may have guessed that). Roger would play a piece of music to each panellist. The snag was that the song is by someone not usually known for their musical talent. Songs came from such diverse talents as Dave Allen, Victor Borge, Giant Haystacks, Terry Scott, Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson. One to four points were awarded.

The third round was, in a pique of economy, exactly the same as the first.

Key moments

During the Christmas special of 1986, Roger had to apologise to any children who were listening because he described Father Christmas as being "male and fictional" when he should have said "male and living"!

On the last show of the 1986-7 series, the mystery voice heard in the musical round turned to be that of host Roger Kitter. Panellist Jeremy Beadle asked for everyone to hear it again, and the audience were left in fits of laughter on the second playing. The subject of the new biography round was (ho, ho) Roger Kitter again, which prompted the audience into even more hysterics.


Roger Kitter himself.


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