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Parting is such sweet sorrow... and, on game shows, so very cheap too. Here's our list of the consolation "prizes" doled out by British game shows.

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Show name Gift/Consolation prize
3-2-1 Ceramic dusty bin ("and you know how much they're worth"), also a photo of Ted Rogers in a silver frame.
Ask the Family Printed mug
Big Break Trophy and cue, possibly also a John Virgo waistcoat
Blankety Blank Chequebook and pen
Blockbusters Various, but usually included a gold-embossed Blockbusters Dictionary. In the 2012 Challenge version, an e-book reader.
Brainstorm A large, old-fashioned light bulb
Bullseye "Bendy Bully" toy, tankards, hand sewn badges (early series), darts and BFH (Bus Fare Home)
Carnal Knowledge A spuriously-sculpted candle
Catchword Bookmark
Countdown "Goody bag", including books, board game, T-shirt, and (for returning champs only) tea pot.
Crackerjack Pen and pencil set
Crosswits Gold pen and pencil set
Cryptogram Spellmaster gadget
The Crystal Maze A crystal (with engraving "I cracked The Crystal Maze 199X")
Curiosity "Worthless" teacups
Every Second Counts Watches and wall clock
Family Catchphrase Family Catchphrase sweatshirt
Family Fortunes Photo of the families and host on the set (in early series, black and white for the losers, colour for the winners!)
Fluke Golden Short Straw
Generation Game Larry Grayson era, a door trophy. Jim Davidson era, Bendy bloke (wooden model man, used by artists for drawing)
Get Your Own Back Jacket with the show's logo on the back
Gladiators Medal
Going for Gold Various prizes at the different stages of the competitions. Weekly winners would always win those bloody crystal glasses.
The Great Antiques Hunt Godawful glass plate (later, sensibly changed to an antiques voucher)
Interceptor Travel pack: consisting of compass, binoculars and a map of the area they played in.
The Jules and Lulu Show "Golden" dog bowl and bone
Keynotes Keynotes "memento" and t-shirt
Knightmare Scrolls ("as proof of your quest")
Lucky Ladders Ladder-themed trophy. Later series, a clock
Lucky Numbers Stupid irritating ball-motif statue thing
Mechannibals Toolbox
Memory Bank Mug, pen and notepad
Move on Up Notebook
Mr and Mrs Carriage clock, or a candelabra on early HTV shows
Partners in Rhyme "A pen from Len" (pen stand in the form of a Len Goodman figurine, plus pen)
Pass the Buck T-shirt and mug
Popmaster "One Year Out!" T-shirt (Radio 2), Popmaster mug (Greatest Hits Radio)
The Price is Right (Crowther era) Medal and teddy bear
Push the Button Salt and pepper set ("salt and pepper not included")
Raise the Roof "Bob's Bungalow" teapot
Ready Steady Cook Originally, a wooden spoon. Since 2008, a mug.
Saturday Night Takeaway Toilet roll
Show Me the Money Personalised mug
Strike it Lucky Board game (which was also available to buy at the time)
Supermarket Sweep Non-specific "parting gifts"
Take a Letter Take a Letter polo shirt
Tenable Tea towel
That's Your Lot Gavel and block
Today's the Day Copy of newspaper from the day you were born
Trivial Pursuit A piece of the set to take home with them
Waffle Toaster and waffles
Watching the Detectives Magnifying glass
Wheel of Fortune Watch and electronic game
Win, Lose or Draw Easel trophy
Winner Takes All Filofax (Geoffrey Wheeler era)
Wipeout In the Daniels era, a paperweight, later changed to an umbrella. In the Monkhouse era, a paperweight for the third place player and champagne flutes for the second place player (also first if they lost the holiday), later changed to wine goblets.
XYZ Mug tree
You Bet! "Betsy" award. Later series, a trophy to a winner, a scroll to a loser.


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