Hell's Kitchen



Angus Deayton (2004-7)

Claudia Winkleman (2009)


Gordon Ramsay with Angela Hartnett and Mark Sargeant (2004)
Gary Rhodes and Jean-Christophe Novelli (2005)
Marco Pierre White (2007-9)

ITV2 coverage (Hell's Kitchen Extra Portions):
Mark Durden-Smith (2004-5) (and Jordan from 2004 / Nicole Appleton from 2005)


Granada for ITV1/2, 23 May 2004 to 2 May 2005 (30 episodes in 2 series)

ITV Productions for ITV1, 3 September 2007 to 27 April 2009 (30 episodes in 2 series)


Ten celebrities work as chefs under the watchful eye (and colourful mouth) of Gordon Ramsay at London's newest restaurant. After two weeks of intense training the celebs/chefs were made to work in the restaurant serving food (well, you could've fooled me...) to B-list celebs dining there.

As per usual in a reality series from ITV nothing happens in the first week, then one celeb gets kicked out each day in the second week until we have three left to contest the final showdown on the last day.

The format did well enough to be worth another run out in 2005, but Ramsay had taken Channel 4's shiny penny and signed an exclusive deal, so Gary Rhodes and Jean-Christophe Novelli led rival teams of amateurs instead. Strangely, Ramsay still hosted several series of Hell's Kitchen as an American format where it did surprisingly well.

In 2007, it was announced that the format was being revived with Marco Pierre White (father figure to Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal) brought back after seven years of retirement to don the white apron once more. In fact, had already been announced in 2006 that show was due to come with Pierre White but it didn't come about. The revival was obviously considered a success by ITV, since in November 2007 they announced that they'd signed up Marco for three years, to include at least one more series of Hell's Kitchen.

Marco with series 3 finallists Adele Silva and Barry McGuigan


2004 Jennifer Ellison (celebrity series)
2005 Terry Miller
2007 Barry McGuigan (celebrity series)
2009 Linda Evans (celebrity series)



  • Roger Cook (journalist)
  • Dwain Chambers (athlete)
  • Tommy Vance (legendary DJ)
  • Belinda Carlisle (musician)
  • Amanda Barrie (actress)
  • Abi Titmuss (presenter [that's being kind...])
  • Al Murray (comedian)
  • Edwina Currie (former MP)
  • Matt Goss (musician)
  • James Dreyfus (actor)
  • Jennifer Ellison (actress and singer)


The 2005 series featured members of the public, rather than famous people like in the other series. Well we say famous people. Prior to their involvement with the show, 25% of the "celebrities" who participated in the 2009 series were not even "notable" enough to have Wikipedia articles.



  • Linda Evans (Dynasty star 1981-9)
  • Adrian Edmondson (comedian-actor)
  • Anthea Turner (perfect housewife)
  • Grant Bovey (Anthea Turner's husband)
  • Niomi Daley (Ms Dy-Na-Mi-Tee-Eee)
  • Jody Latham (actor)
  • Bruce Grobbelaar (ex-goalkeeper and spellcheck-confounder)
  • Danielle Bux (then Mrs Gary Lineker)

Key moments

Series 1 highlights included: Amanda Barrie attempting a right hook at Gordon; the viewers refusing to vote Edwina Currie out until the last moment; restaurant guest Vic Reeves asking for a plate of fried eggs; and the excellent impressions by James Dreyfus of all the contestants and crew.

In series 3, Jim Davidson was asked to leave the show by producers after using the term "shirt lifter" in the presence of Brian Dowling.

Theme music

"The Bells of Doom" by Daniel Pemberton, available on his album TVPOPMUZIK


The 2009 lineup

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