The Big Fat Quiz of the Year



Jimmy Carr


Hot Sauce for Channel 4, 28 December 2004 to present

as The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz: 2 November 2007 and 2 January 2015

as The Big Fat Quiz of the 80s: 16 September 2012 and 22 September 2013

as The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s: 23 September 2012 and 29 September 2013

as The Big Fat Quiz of the 00s: 30 September 2012

as The Big Fat Quiz of Everything: 5 January 2016 to present


Much as the title suggests, this is a comedy quiz about the year just gone - mainly to ensure Jimmy Carr has no day off. Ever. Six questions are asked about two months of the year in turn, with answers scribbled down using electronic pens. The answers are then revealed and scored. Guests come on at various points to liven up the proceedings.

Quite good knockabout fun, even if the swearing will make our Mum blush like a beetroot.


As part of the celebrations to mark 25 years since Channel 4 began broadcasting, The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz, featuring questions about Channel 4's programming over the previous two decades was aired in November 2007. A second Big Fat Anniversary Quiz was aired in January 2015 to mark ten years of the format, featuring questions from the previous decade.

In September 2012, Channel 4 broadcast three specials, with the questions in each episode focusing on a particular decade - the 1980s, the 1990s, and the first decade of the 21st Century, commonly referred to as the Noughties. A second edition of The Big Fat Quiz of the 80s was broadcast in September 2013 as part of a special weekend of 1980s themed programming. For no adequately explained reason, a week later, a second edition of The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s was also broadcast. The Big Fat Quiz of Everything had an ambitious remit, the entirety of human evolution; it went out opposite a Celebrity Big Brother launch in January 2016.

Theme music

Peter Baikie


Several editions of the BFQOTY have been produced by Jonathan Ross's wife, Jane Goldman, with Ross getting in on the act himself for the 2010 edition.


2004 June Sarpong and Jonathan Ross
2005 Sharon Osbourne and Jonathan Ross
2006 Noel Fielding and Russell Brand
2007 Rob Brydon and David Mitchell
2008 Dara Ó Briain and Davina McCall
2009 David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker
2010 Jonathan Ross and Ruth Jones
2011 David Mitchell and Eddie Izzard
2012 Richard Ayoade and Gabby Logan
2013 Dara Ó Briain and Kristen Schaal / Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding (joint winners)
2014 Kevin Bridges and Sarah Millican
2015 Rob Brydon and Jo Brand
2016 David Mitchell and Sarah Millican

The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz
2007 Jack Dee and Alan Carr
2015 Jonathan Ross and Warwick Davis

The Big Fat Quiz of the 80s
2012 Jason Manford and Stephen Mangan / Jonathan Ross and Adam Buxton (joint winners)
2013 David Mitchell and Phill Jupitus

The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s
2012 Phill Jupitus and Alan Davies
2013 Sue Perkins and Lee Mack

The Big Fat Quiz of the 00s
Kevin Bridges and Alan Carr















The Big Fat Anniversary Quiz



The Big Fat Quiz of the 80s



The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s



The Big Fat Quiz of the 00s

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The line-up from the 2007 edition
The 2009 protagonists

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