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W is for... Weakest Link - Anne Robinson once appeared on Top of the Pops, performing a single related to The Weakest Link.


Title Genre
Waaa!! Childrens
Waffle Puzzle
The Wager Stunts and dares
WAGs Boutique Reality
Wait for It..! Childrens
The Waiting Game Quiz, general knowledge
Wake Up In The Wild Room Childrens
Wales' Home of the Year Lifestyle, regional (Wales)
Walk the Line Singing
The Wall Quiz, general knowledge
The Wall Game Quiz, general knowledge
Wall of Fame Comedy panel game (news)
Wanderlust Dating
Wanted Action and adventure
WAP! Childrens, interactive
Was It Something I Said? Comedy panel game
Watching the Detectives Quiz, themed (crime & detectives)
Watercolour Challenge Lifestyle
The Wave Action and adventure
Wawffactor Variety, regional (Wales)
Wayne Rooney's Street Striker Sports
The Weakest Link Quiz, general knowledge
We are the Champions Childrens
We Beg to Differ Radio, panel game
We Interrupt This Year Quiz, themed (topical)
Webwise Educational
We Love Sitcom Comedy panel game
We Love TV Quiz, themed (TV)
We Need Answers Comedy panel game
We're On Our Way to Wembley Quiz, themed (football)
Wedding Day Winners Stunts and dares
West Country Challenge Regional (South West) quiz, general knowledge
West Wise Quiz, regional (South West England)
The Wetter the Better Childrens
We've Been Here Before Radio, comedy history quiz
We've Got Your Number Family game show
What Are You Like? Panel game
What Does it Mean? Quiz, themed (definitions)
What Do Kids Know? Family game show
What Do You Know? (1) Quiz, general knowledge
What Do You Know? (2) Quiz, general knowledge
What Do You Know? (3) Childrens, quiz, general knowledge
What Do You Know! Radio, academic quiz
What Do You Say? Quiz, religion
The What in the World? Quiz Quiz, themed (science and nature)
What Is Normal? Comedy panel game, radio
What Just Happened News panel game, radio, Wales
What on Earth...? Quiz, themed (natural history)
What the Butler Saw Reality
What the Dickens? Quiz, themed (arts & culture)
What Women Want Dating
What Would Your Kid Do? Family game
Whatever Next... Family game show
Whatever You Want Family game show
What's Cooking Themed quiz (food)
What's Happening? Quiz, themed (news and current affairs)
What's in the Box? Puzzle, phone-in
What's in the Picture? Panel game
What's it All About? (1) Radio, panel game
What's it All About? (2) Quiz, themed (religion)
What's My Line? Panel game
What's My Quiz? Documentary
What's News? Childrens
What's the Score? (1) Radio, children's quiz (music)
What's the Score? (2) Regional (North West) quiz, themed (football)
What's the Story? Regional (Wales) radio news panel game
What's the Word Regional (North West), puzzle
What's Wrong with This? Radio, regional (Scotland / Northern Ireland), puzzle
The Wheel Family game show
Wheel of Fortune (1) Family game show
Wheel of Fortune (2) Puzzle
Wheeler Dealers Educational
When Do You Get Off? Dating
When Game Shows Go Horribly Wrong Documentary
When Will I be Famous? Variety
When Women Rule the World Reality
Where Did That Come From? Panel game
Where in the World? (1) Quiz, themed (geography)
Where in the World? (2) Quiz, themed (geography)
Where on Earth?
Where Was Moses? Academic quiz, themed (religion)
Where Were You in '62? Radio panel game
While We're on the Subject Panel game
Whiplashed Stunts and dares, regional (Scotland)
Whispers Radio, Quiz, themed (scandal)
Whittle Quiz, general knowledge
Who am I? Panel game
Who Dares Sings! Music, karaoke singing
Who Dares Wins Quiz, general knowledge
Who Goes There? Radio, panel game
Who Killed Saturday Night TV? Documentary
Who Knows Jak? Board game conversion
Who Let the Dogs Out? Childrens
Who Repairs Wins Lifestyle, competitive building
Who Said That? (1) Panel game
Who Said That? (2) Quiz, themed (quotations)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Quiz, general knowledge
Who Wants to be a Superhero? Childrens
The Who, What or Where Game Quiz, themed (literature)
Who? What? Where? When? Radio, panel game
Whodunit? Radio, Panel game
Whodunnit? Panel game
The Whole 19 Yards Family game show
Whoops TV Comedy panel game (TV)
Who's Bluffing Who? General knowledge quiz
Who's Doing the Dishes? Lifestyle
Who's Reading What and with Whom Panel game, literature
Who's Who Radio, panel game
Whose Baby? Panel game
Whose Baby are You? Radio, panel game
Whose Coat is That Jacket Regional (Wales), comedy panel game
Whose House? Lifestyle
Whose Line is it Anyway? Variety
Whose Round is it Anyway? Quiz
Why? Panel game
Why Did the Chicken? Childrens
Why Weight? Lifestyle
Wicked Words Radio, panel game
Wife of the Week Family game show
Wild Things Stunts and dares
Wildbrain Quiz, themed (wildlife)
Wildest Dreams Reality
The Wildlife Quiz Quiz, themed (wildlife)
Wimp to Warrior Reality
Win a Mink Regional (Midlands) quiz, general knowledge
Win Beadle's Money Quiz, general knowledge
Win It Cook It Lifestyle
Win, Lose or Draw Panel game
Win My Wage Decision Making
Win the Wilderness Reality, adventure
Win Your Choice Radio, themed quiz, music
Win Your Own Home Lifestyle
Win Your Wish List General knowledge quiz
Wine Hunt Lifestyle
Wing It Improvisation, radio
Winging It Improvisation
Winner Takes All Quiz, general knowledge
Winning Combination Quiz, general knowledge
Winning Lines Quiz, general knowledge
Winter Wipeout Stunts and dares
Wipeout Quiz, general knowledge
WIQ Radio, quiz, general knowledge
Wireless Wise Radio, themed quiz (radio)
Without Prejudice? Panel game
Wit's End Radio, comedy panel game
Wogan's Perfect Recall Quiz, general knowledge
Wonderball Regional (Scotland), general knowledge quiz
Word and Line Puzzle
A Word in Your Ear Panel game
A Word in Your Era Comedy panel game
Wordaholics Radio, panel game (words)
Wordplay Puzzle
Words in Music Radio quiz, themed (music)
The World Cook Lifestyle, food
World Quiz Radio, quiz (general knowledge)
World Series of Dating Dating
The World, the Flesh and the Devil Quiz, themed (religion)
World's Biggest Quiz Radio phone-in quiz
The World's Greatest Elvis Variety
World's Strongest Man Sports
World's Strongest Man Super Series Sports
World's Strongest Woman Sports
World's Toughest Trucker Action and adventure
Worldwise Childrens
Would I Lie to You? (1) Stunts and dares
Would I Lie to You? (2) Comedy panel game
Would You Pass the Eleven Plus? Educational
Wowfabgroovy Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Wright Around the World Quiz, general knowledge
The Write Stuff Radio, themed quiz (literature)
Wudja? Cudja? Stunts and dares
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