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This Good Game Guide lists common questions we receive about UK game shows. If you have a question that you think should be included, please Contact us.

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Q. What was the first game show to be broadcast six days a week?


Q. Has anyone ever presented a game show they've devised themselves?

Indeed they have!

Q. Have there ever been any game show hosts that have been related to one another?


Q. Which game show hosts have appeared on stamps?

It would be an unusual theme for philatelists to pursue, and none of these people were actually honoured for that specific reason, but we reckon this is the list, up to January 2024:

All of these are designated 1st class, except for the £1.55 Bill Pertwee stamp.

Completists will also want to bag the stamps featuring Have I Got News for You guest hosts Jennifer Saunders (Comedy Greats, 2015), Benedict Cumberbatch (five stamps in the Sherlock Holmes set, 2020 - also featuring Never Mind the Buzzcocks guest host Martin Freeman, and you can just about make out Una Stubbs in the background of one as well) and, separately, Patrick Stewart and William Shatner (Star Trek, 2020). And if you're pursuing this theme, you'll also want the only stamp to date actually honouring a game show (albeit with the logo rather than a picture of the host): the 68p Who Wants to be a Millionaire stamp from the 2005 set marking 50 years of ITV.

Q. Have there been any UK game shows in languages other than English?

There certainly have been. We know of game shows in no fewer than six other languages: Welsh (numerous shows, of which probably the most famous is Sion a Sian), Gaelic (1 2 Stri), British Sign Language (See Hear on Saturday Quiz), French (Questions Sans Frontieres) and - with language learning in mind - German and Spanish (Top!).


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